ICDP Training

ICDP Training for Effective Children Interactions

Scientific research shows that the way parents communicate and interact with their adolescents actually shapes patterns in their children’s brains. But what are the characteristics of good quality interactions?

Scientific research has informed us about that too, and in the ICDP programme, we have applied such knowledge by formulating 8 key characteristics that constitute a good parent-child interactions and relationship.

These 8 characteristics we call the “8 Guidelines for Good Interaction between Parents and Children”. During ICDP Training, we explore these guidelines and build capacity for effective child care.

ICDP Training will show you how to practice these guidelines together with your child for improved interactions and relationship. This involves strengthening Parent-Child skills from Empathy to Emotional Learning to Cognitive Development to Self-Regulation.

Facilitators will help parents and caregivers share experiences and enjoy learning from one another as they learn to practice how to implement the ICDP 8 Guidelines by modelling positive adult-child (and adult-adult) behaviours, communications, interactions, and relationships. As parents gain confidence and empowerment, they support their children’s positive development and success in family, school, and community.

Some Learning Objectives

To strengthen competencies to create more positive family and school climates.

To strengthen psycho-social and educational caring skills.

To facilitate empathy-based social-emotional, cognitive and regulative/positive discipline interactions between parents and children.

To help create better parent-child communications and relationships.

Who can participate in the ICDP Training?




Organizations and institutions can benefit from the ICDP Training in order to incorporate empathy-based interactions into the daily and workday life of their staff and stakeholders.

In the end, all participants of ICDP Training are able to exercise Empathy-based communication with their children as they better understand their children’s point of view, feelings and intentions. Also, participants get improved skills in observing and understanding their children’s reactions.

ICDP Training comes with:

Caregiver Handbook, Children's Booklet, and Refreshments

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