Our COVID-19 Interventions

The impact of the COVID crisis is particularly challenging for marginalized girls and vulnerable adults especially women. With support from UNESCO Ghana, ICDP Ghana and the CSOs Platform on SDG4 facilitated the training of over 100 women in deprived communities in Ga-West municipality of Greater Accra. They produced soap & hand sanitizers to help fight #COVID19. ICDP Ghana also realized through our COVID19 Community Sensitization that, clean hands can cave lives but washing hands with soap & water might not be possible, particularly in deprived communities and hand washing stations are great for promoting good hygiene in areas that lack water supply. So many Veronica Buckets for handwashing stations were donated to many communities including Gatsi Havor and Katapor communities in Ga West Municipality.

Again, we believe that one of the most effective ways to tackle health issues is to put affected communities in the driving seat. So through our #STAGE project, we supported communities in the Akuapim South District with hygiene items to help drive the fight against #COVID19.

ICDP Ghana partnered with World Vision Ghana to implement the 'Infection Prevention Control #COVID19 Response Project. ICDP Ghana worked with World Vision to distributed many Critical PPEs and handwahsing stations to District Health Facilities across the Greater Accra Region to help protect health worker against the COVID19 pandemic.