Seed Science With ICDP Collaboration

The rapid digitization of the African continent opens up numerous new opportunities for the economic and social development of local populations. Furthermore, it guarantees greater access to information, education and training opportunities and interaction with other countries and cultures.

The project provides for the training in blended mode (in presence and online in live and asynchronous mode) of 35 science teachers under 30 from Ghana. Participants had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills relating to science teaching and in particular to hands-on learning carried out with low-cost and easily available materials. They will interact locally and online at a global level, creating an intercultural exchange on educational, social and environmental issues. To guide them in this path there will be volunteers and teachers previously trained by Seed Science who will follow a further training mini-course to carry out their role as mentors.

The project will end with a week of further training and dissemination in Italy, which will see the participation at the University of 6 newly trained teachers and online, but in the presence locally, of all Seed Science teachers from Ghana and Uganda. This week will be essential to give the 6 selected the opportunity to make the leap in quality, but also to create harmony among the teachers, thus guaranteeing further sustainability to the project and increasing the quality of the education provided to around 3000 students.