Tumu College of Education, an early childhood training establishment has identified poor teaching skills of pre-service teachers resulting in their inability to effectively engage with children at the KG level as a problem. This is caused by the theory/abstract based delivery of lessons at the college level, which is resulting into tutors’ lack of experiential learning pedagogical skills to effectively train pre-service teachers in early childhood education. In addition, there are inadequate manipulatives (teaching/learning materials) for the training of pre-service teachers due to lack of funds and minimal appreciation of the importance of KG education at the college level. Furthermore, mentors who are expected to support pre-service teachers during practicum are also lacking the requisite skills.

This project is therefore being implemented to build capacity of tutors in experiential learning pedagogical skills and the development of manipulatives so that there will be improvement in practical teaching experience of pre-service teachers. Furthermore, mentors capacity in the use of experiential learning pedagogies (manipulative) to support pre-service KG teachers during practicum will be enhanced.

To be able to achieve the above stated objectives , seven key activities will be implemented: Conduct baseline study, hold stakeholder/inception meeting, establish manipulatives Makerspace, organize training workshop for tutors, organize training workshop for mentors, supervise practicum and collect data, and conduct end-line study.

The project commenced in mid November 2016, where two of the project parameter activities namely conduct baseline study and organize stakeholder meeting have been implemented.